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Is Alzheimers Really Type 3 Diabetes?

Alzheimers and type3 diabetes

Recent research has shown that Alzheimer’s may be a metabolic disease, more influenced by diet than genetics. Consider how Type 2 Diabetes causes the cells in the body to stop absorbing glucose from the blood. This condition is known as insulin resistance. With Type 3 diabetes, insulin resistance is occurring in the brain. The Research…

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The Worrywarts Guide to Better Health

Worry and Anxiety A little worry is natural for most people, but in excess it can negatively affect your life and your health. Too much dwelling on problems or situations that may or may not happen can turn into anxiety. If you often feel overwhelmed, have a hard time concentrating, or constantly feel tense and…

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You’re Not Healthy Unless Your Sleep Is Healthy

Factors affecting sleep

Have you ever laid in bed restless, tried counting sheep and thought over 100 sheep is just too many? Getting enough quality sleep can be a challenge for some people. Especially with overflowing schedules, endless cups of coffee and seemingly endless responsibilities. Even if you find time to sleep, many people still don’t wake up…

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Let Food be thy medicine

Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program

It’s no secret that North America as a whole has a bit of a weight problem. However, it may be easier to solve than you think. There are new options available to help you eat healthier and become a better you. Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program has helped many Americans…

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