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How Capsule Communications Brings Patient Recruitment Into The Digital Age

Biomedical and pharmaceutical techniques Toronto

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Sourcing participants for clinical studies is difficult.

Advances in biomedical and pharmaceutical techniques have allowed for novel compounds to be developed at breakneck speed. However, a revolutionary new medicine is only as good as its clinical trials, as without reproducible and valid human testing, most drugs will never make it to a consumer level product.

Capsule Communications is a patient recruitment service agency that specializes in highly tailored and targeted advertising techniques to source quality candidates for any clinical study. By crafting customized recruitment plans for each client, Capsule is able to cut advertising costs and save significant time while sourcing the most suitable participants in the area.

Clinical trials cost Toronto


Clinical trials cost more every year

Advertising and incentive laws


Advertising and incentive laws confusing and opaque

Laser focussed approach Toronto


Traditional media is expensive and inaccurate

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Most patient
agencies are
stuck in the past.

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Graph showing CLINICAL TRIAL COSTS Toronto


The average cost for a phase I trial is between $1.4 to $6.6 million, while a phase III trial can cost up to $53 million.

Phase I $3.4M

Phase II $8.6M

Phase III $21.4M




For decades, patient recruitment for large and small scale clinical trials has focused on broad marketing techniques to maximise exposure.

This "shotgun" approach to sourcing participants costs a significant amount of money, and your message cannot be customized to the interests of a specific group based on geographic, cultural, or ethnic considerations.


It is also impossible to track the effectiveness of these channels to assess the return on investment, meaning they cannot inform future advertising spend decisions accurately.

With clinical trials already ballooning in associated costs, a misspend in advertising can have significant impacts.


Without customizing their message, other agencies aim to send as many prospective patients to research centres as possible without taking the time to determine eligibility

This can cause extra time and costs for the research centre, as they must interview and examine each patient before determining that a majority will be ineligible and thus a waste of time.


We aim to source high
quality clinical trial
that meet
all trial criteria to save
our clients time and

Laser focussed approach Toronto



Capsule Communications is a modern patient recruitment agency that utilizes the latest in digital communication technologies to generate high quality patient leads for clinical trials.


Instead of applying a "one size fits all" template to every market and situation, Capsule Communications develops an entirely unique patient recruitment campaign tailored specifically to each clinical trial and the participants they require.

This laser-focused approach removes unnecessary spending on outdated and costly advertising channels whilst providing a high randomization success rate and less administration time for pharmaceutical companies and research centres alike.

By capitalizing on the benefits provided by social media in patient recruitment, Capsule Communications is able to target highly specific groups for increased chances of success and demonstrable returns on investment.

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Capsule Communications
specializes in unlocking the
full power of highly targeted,
highly customized audience
groups to maximize high
quality patient recruitment
for every clinical trial.

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The past decade has been defined by the rise of social media and the unprecedented access directly to consumers at all times. Social media now reaches 2.77 billion people globally, and some 63% of all Canadians have an active social media presence.

This incredible tool has been opened up to brands for direct, targeted advertising based on interests, demographics, location, and more. Many consumer brands have invested significantly in social media advertising to great effect, however, the patient recruitment industry has been slow to capitalize on the potential.



Capsule Communications specializes in unlocking the full power of highly targeted, highly customized audience groups to maximize high quality patient recruitment for every clinical trial.

Every phase of clinical trials will require different cohorts of participants, from broadly healthy to niche condition sufferers. Capsule Communications investigates all aspects of the target patient pool to understand their most likely demographics, interests, ethnic group and geographical location in the clinical trial area.

Once a complete picture of the desired patient has been developed, Capsule creates a bespoke, targeted social media advertising campaign based on these characteristics to serve their recruitment collateral directly to those individuals most likely to be willing to participate. By ensuring the wording and imaging accompanying a recruitment message matches the patient profile, the chances of a successful recruitment are greatly increased.



Another powerful feature of social media is the ability to optimise campaigns using A/B testing.

A/B testing Toronto


A/B testing allows for the creation of two versions of a particular campaign with slight variations to see which one results in a higher level of engagement

TRACKABLE ROI for powerful patient recruitment tool


Easily trackable metrics for return on investment and click through rate combine to create an extremely powerful patient recruitment tool.



The result is higher quality campaigns and informed marketing decisions for future recruitment efforts, which all save significant time and money.



Capsule Communications is fully accredited by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to advertise using their patient database for clients. This allows Capsule Communications to create compelling ads while adhering to the IRB protocol, often leading to an increased level of engagement and patient recruitment.

Capsule Team
Marketing regulations around clinical trials can be restrictive and complex, limiting the extent of information that can be communicated during the brief moments consumers are exposed to campaigns every day.
Comprehensive participant prescreening Toronto


Capsule Communications prides itself on offering comprehensive participant prescreening to save time and money for our clients. Many global patient recruitment agencies focus on getting as many patients signed up as possible, despite any excluding criteria they might meet.

The result is a large build up of patients at research centres that can often struggle with the workload, and ultimately result in many patients being rejected. Capsule Communications makes it a priority to perform thorough pre-screening of candidates to ensure they meet all eligibility criteria before they reach the research centre.

This involves direct conversations with each potential patient that removes ineligible individuals before any more of their or your time is wasted. This results in fewer hours spent sifting through participants and more time spent conducting important research, whilst also saving money in labour costs.

Targeted recruitment campaigns Toronto
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C apsule Communications is a patient recruitment agency for the modern clinical trial

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A deep focus on bespoke, targeted recruitment campaigns utilising social media and A/B testing has helped Capsule Communications to become the number one name in providing high quality trial participants.

Unlike large global firms, our approach is highly tailored to the required patient profile and the local demographics to save significant time and money on any clinical trial.

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